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ECONOCUT Heacy CNC flame and plasma cutting machines

Product description

A good choice for flame and plasma cutting.

It is specially designed for metal plate cutting process.

Machine size can be produce due to customer's requirement on X and Y direction.

Strong gantry system ensures durability,stability and quick speed.

CNC controller gives screen of 7'', English,Russian,Spanish and others.

CNC Controller gives easy operation interface,shape library and cutting parameters programs.

Efficiency improvement and cutting quality functions, including Mirror, rotation, scale,repeat, etc USB terminal is to supporting program and data inputing and outputing.

Automatic torch height controller on flame and plasma torches.

With Auto ignition device on flame torch flash arrestor on flame torch.

For light industries requesting ordinary thickness by both plasma and flame.

technical parameter

Input Voltage(V) 110/220/230/240V, 220/380/400/415V,50/60HZ
Rail distance (mm) 2500/3000/3500/4000
Effective cutting width(mm) 600mm less than rail distance
Rail length(mm) Customer’s requirement or 6000,8000,10000,12000
Effective cutting length(mm) 1500mm less than rail length
CNC torch (piece) 1-2
Flame cutting thickness (mm) 6-150
Flame cutting speed (mm/min) 50-750
Moving speed (mm/min) 12000
Flame cutting gas Acetylene, Propane, LPG
Plasma cutting thickness (mm) Due to plasma power source
Plasma power source Suits Hypertherm Powermax45 65 85 105 125


■Working process