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HGCUT Heacy CNC flame and plasma cutting machines

Product description

CNC controller: American, European and Hugong brand options

Automatic THC: Hypertherm and Hugong brand options

Servo motor: Panasonic

Gear box: Germany brand NEUGART

Linear rail: TBI or HIWIN

Relay: Omron

Breaker: Schneider

Nesting software options
Australian: FastCAM PRO
American: Hypertherm Pronest LTS
American: Hypertherm ProNest LTS
American: SigmaNest

technical parameter

Cutting model Plasma, Flame
Input voltage(V,Hz) 110/220/230/240, 220/380/400/415,50/60
Rail width(mm) 3000-6000
Effective cutting width 800mm less than rail width(2 CNC torches)
Rail length(mm) Customer's requirement, 8000/12000/16000
Effective cutting length 2000mm less than rail length
CNC controller 15”/17”colorful monitor, USB port
CNC torches 1-4 sets
Positioning accuracy(mm) ±0.5/1000
Repeating accuracy(mm) ±0.2/1000
Positioning speed(mm/min) 12,000
Flame cutting gas Acetylene, Propane, LPG
Flame cutting thickness(mm) 5-150
Flame cutting speed(mm/min) 50-750
Plasma cutting thickness Due to plasma unit
Plasma cutting speed Due to plasma unit
Compatible plasma unit Hypertherm: Powermax Series,HSD,Maxpro,HPRXD Victor: Cutmaster Series, AUTOCUT200/300


■Working process