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STRIPCUT Heacy CNC flame and plasma cutting machines

Product description

It is featured to cut strips

Strong steel structure gantry to support durability

Supplied with easy control box

Motor is DC motor

Torch quantity on Y can be optional

1 torch is on X

Manual adjustment is on space between 2 torches Steel ruler is for adjustment accurately

Manual adjustment for torch height control

technical parameter

Power Voltage(V) 110/220/230, 1 phase
Effective Cutting Width (mm) X
Effective Cutting length (mm) Y-2000mm
Rail with(mm) X
Rail length(mm) Y
Maximum speed(mm/min) 8000
Strip cutting torch as customer request
Horizontal torch 1 set
Minimun strip width(mm) 80
Max cutting thickness by 1 torch(mm) 6-150m
Max cutting thickness by 9 torch Standard 25mm or customised
Max cutting thickness by more torch to be confirmed
Flame Cutting gas Acetylene, Propane, LPG - O2