Shanghai Gas Welding Equipment Co., Ltd.
  Shanghai Gas Welding Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 1958 and is the first company in China to professionally develop and manufacture gas cutting products. It is the first professional manufacturer in China that is dedicated to the design, production and sales of CNC cutting, welding machine, and robot integration equipment. With strong technical force, excellent quality, excellent service and rich experience in production and sales for more than 50 years, the company has won praise from the industry and new and old customers, and has cultivated a large number of talents for the development and production of gas cutting and welding equipment in China. It is the cradle of gas welding cutting and welding equipment in China.
  The company's products are widely used in industrial production, including aerospace, shipbuilding, automotive manufacturing, petrochemicals, energy and environmental protection, water conservancy construction, engineering machinery, special equipment manufacturing, large boilers, hydraulic equipment and other fields. Nowadays, the “Golden Pigeon” and “Hugong” brand gas cutting and welding equipments with excellent reputation have already taken the forefront in the industry. The products have been sold to over 80 countries around the world, showing the brand of gas cutting and welding equipment in China to the whole world. strength.
  Shanghai shenxing Robot Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the automotive equipment industry, mainly to provide white body welding production lines, welding fixtures, robotic workstations, non-standard special machines and other automation equipment for automobile companies and auto parts manufacturers.
  At present, there are 156 employees, among whom more than 50% have 8 years working experience. The company has perfect production equipment, complete testing equipment, set planning, design, manufacturing, integration, installation and after-sales as a whole, in the industry has a strong mechanical design, electrical design and skills business level.
  The company adheres to the business philosophy of unity, innovation, exquisiteness, and excellence, implements the quality policy of “continuous improvement in quality, service, technology, and cost, surpass customer expectations, and become the customer’s first choice” and continues to innovate in the automotive equipment industry. .