Sustainable development
  Continuously improving the level of economic development in our country and region, improving the local environment, improving people's quality of life, and creating sustainable values are the corporate tenet of Hugong.
Take responsibility
  Hugong meets all legal and ethical requirements and has always striven to surpass these requirements. Our responsibility is to conduct business in accordance with the highest professional and ethical standards, fully respect the rights and interests of stakeholders such as shareholders, employees, customer partners and communities, and strive to benefit all stakeholders.
public responsibility

Group company establishes "Hugong" charity fund
  In order to develop charity and public welfare undertakings, on December 29, 2010, the Group donated funds to Shanghai Charity Foundation’s Qingpu District Branch to set up the “Shanghai Hugong” Charity Fund of the Shanghai Charity Foundation for the purpose of granting students assistance, assistance, and disability. Charity charity activities. Since its establishment, the "Hugong" charitable fund has carried out a large number of charitable activities each year to take on the corporate mission to fulfill its social mission.
When disaster struck, help came from all sides. HG people is ready for giving hands.
  On May 21st, the company proposed to donate to Xue, a colleague of R&D department, to treat his son with congenital heart disease. After seeing the company's "Proposal for Contributions," all departments carefully organized and all employees responded positively and enthusiastically contributed. Within 4 working days, the company raised a total of 10,6529.5 yuan with love.

Environmental responsibility
Environmental Management
  The company continues to carry out energy saving and environmental protection work internally, with the emphasis on energy conservation, emission reduction, environmental protection, and productivity improvement:
  Organize and coordinate and supervise the implementation of cleaner production programs, such as the replacement of high-energy-consuming equipment, reuse of packaging materials, recycling of sluggish materials, replacement of energy-saving lamps and water-saving faucets.
  Optimize the production process, improve the surface treatment process, adopt a totally enclosed environment-friendly cleaning line, and use environmentally-friendly reagents to ensure that the industrial wastewater meets the standard emission standards.
Environmental image
  Energy-saving products are the main direction for the company's product development. In recent years, the company has invested a lot of energy in the research and development of new environmentally friendly and energy-saving products. At present, there are 2 fist products that have been certified as national Class 1 energy-saving products, and 4 products have been certified as Class 2 energy-saving products.
  The company's gas shielded welding machine, inverter TIG arc welding machine, digital energy-efficient inverter welding machine, inverter DC (pulse) TIG arc welding machine and many other important products have been rated as "national key new products." , "Shanghai's key new products", and was listed as "National Torch Plan Key Project", "Shanghai Torch Program" project, "Shanghai high-tech achievements conversion project" and so on.